Angela Baciu

“The moment when the student stops, looks at you with that dazzled look and exclames: I can’t believe it is so beautiful… – that moment is addictive. That’s why I teach.”
Angela Baciu

My strength is observing and understanding your tango, thus helping you improve and enhance it instantly. You should feel a strong difference already after one class.

We build together a basic structure for your dance, this is the automatic pilot which will keep you in the ronda, while enabling you to celebrate the music, create the addictive feeling of flow with your partners and add effortlessly distinctive elements when needed.

You can film yourself and send me a 60 sec take of your dancing, I will analyze it and make suggestions how to improve and why. It is not about single steps, but rather about structural pathways which open completely new possibilities. As any architect would make first a plan of the house you are going to build, I can illustrate (dance) your dance now and the way I can imagine it later, so we discuss and adjust any details.

Here you can read more about my teaching background. Teaching over thousand private classes every year and being obsessed with the dance quality of my students, I expect my own classes to be highly cost efficient: to help you improve thoroughly in record time.