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It doesn’t only take two to tango – it is about a whole group of people dancing together and having fun in the ronda (the counterclockwise dancing direction around the hall). In group classes, we get this feeling of community in its most beautiful form.

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Dancing tango can be compared to telling a story: you need vocabulary, grammar, storytelling skills (humour, suspense, drama) and – above all – content. You need to know what you want to tell; technique is never the limiting factor. Rather, required is your fantasy and commitment to listening to the music and to the body you hold in your arms. Ultimately, it is about creating the dance together.

While you bring your story, we are here to teach you the language. We show you what you really need (and NOT the widespread „beginner‘s class content“ like lateral led ochos. Stuff no one is actually dancing.)


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Further information

Our basic tango curriculum:

Level 1

(13 weeks):

Understanding the concept of moving together. Leading and following in tango are two distinctly different roles, while equally active, important and fulfilling. Leading and following do not base on domination and submission but on the joy of arriving together to where none of the two would have gotten alone – the bliss of what happens between the steps we share: preparing, sliding, arriving jointly. With the perfect coordination of a four legged body.

The leading technique is based on decision, responsibility and body empathy. It can be compared to leading your loved one on a stroll by the lake: we hold each other with relaxed bodies and arms and move together in harmony. No dragging, no force, no signals. Only connection.

Following is better described as active company. As a woman, I don’t „follow“ – I accompany my partner actively. This does not happen through compliance, but rather: commitment. I’m committed to walking together. While I never think about the next step, I learn how to arrange my body in the present moment, how best to use the space within the embrace and allow both the leader and myself for the most comfortable experience.

Our teaching concept is based on understanding the ergonomics of the human body in motion – every step is done in a comfortable and logical way. Keeping the balance is not the result of acrobatic talent, but of allowing our body to move in a natural way – not against it.

In Level one we learn how to walk and how to move around the dancefloor combining circular elements.

Level 2-4

(each level up to 3 is absolved in 13 weeks, Level 4 is ongoing, graduation is personal):

Level 2, 3, and 4 are the heart of our teaching concept and provide you with what leaders otherwise have to develop based on luck and fate: structure. (Relying on luck, most people fail: out of 100 tango beginners worldwide, less than 3 become social dancers that you encounter at the milongas. From the beginning, our main mission has been to change these numbers.)

Structure is the circular combination of limited sequences (from crossed to parallel, left to right, giro to caminata, slow motion to rhythmic) that make up at least 80% of a successful social or professional dancer’s dance. Thanks to this subconscious, automatic pilot, you can simultaneously follow the music, make your partner happy, and improvise.

Level 5

(graduation is personal):

The topics of Level 2, 3, and 4 are further deepened. In addition, a lot of women’s technique is practiced with one of our assistants – it’s not just about dancing.

Level 6

(graduation is personal):

Have you had any experience with complex, open giros before?
It is crucial for participation in Level 6 courses that you have extensive experience in milongas – we assume that you interpret the music confidently and can navigate the dance floor perfectly.

In this course, we teach various complex elements – sacadas, barridas, enrosques, agujas following the principle of “giro en ocho”, which was developed by Mingo Pugliese and serves as a foundation for many professional dancers.

Level 7

(graduation is personal):

The topics of the classes vary. Extensive dance experience, excellent physical flexibility, and coordination are absolutely necessary.


Free Trial lesson

Click on your preferred class for a free trial lesson with us. Get to know us and our system and enjoy a welcome drink in our Tango Lounge. If you already have tango experience, let us know when you started dancing, how regularly you practice and if you already dance at milongas. This will help us to advise you which level would be suitable for you to try. After the lesson you may let us know if you would like to join us. Angela and/or Giovanni will let you know at which level you can benefit the most.

Free Trial Lesson

12 classes subscription including Lounge

Attend 12 lessons of your choice (up to your level) – be it a technique class, group lessons or milonga lessons and enjoy access to our exclusive Tango Lounge that day. The teachers will recommend you the next level depending on the regularity of your visits, your practice and depending on your body learning speed.
The 12 lessons are valid for 1 year from the date of sale.

Price: CHF 390.- / CHF 350.- for new Level 1 students

Students under 30 receive a reduction of 10%.

Flatrate including Lounge

Buy a quarterly subscription (valid from January, April, July or Oct) for 3 months and attend as many lessons (up to your level) as you like. This includes of course the technique classes and the milonga lessons. With the Flatrate you have free access to the Lounge from Monday to Friday and the Milonga entrance on Friday evening is also included (except special events).

Price: CHF 520.- / 420.- for new Level 1 students

Students under 30 receive a 10% reduction.

Single Lesson including Lounge

With a single ticket you can attend a class of your choice (up to your level) and enjoy our Tango Lounge on the same evening.

Price: CHF 40.-

Students under 30 receive a 10% reduction.

Private Lessons

Private lessons are the most efficient way to learn tango. We can respond individually to you and your abilities, solve ambiguities and let you feel how beautiful the tango movements are. If you are a leader, we help you develop your own basic structure. If you are a follower, we give you tools that help you attain connection and autonomy, all together with that magical touch.

Special Subscriptions

1 Month Milonga & Lounge

With this subscription you can visit our lounge as many times as you like.
An afterwork drink, some snacks and a led Practica await you every weekday.

Price: CHF 100.-

Single Entrance Lounge

You are not (yet) our student but would like to get to know our lounge? With the single entry to the Tango Lounge you have the possibility to dance one evening with us, to meet people, to have a drink and to enjoy a snack.

Price: CHF 15.-

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