“And into the jungle I go,

To lose my mind, and find my soul…”


We sell indoor and balcony plants carefully chosen for the situation (light, humidity, temperature) of your space. Along with the caring tips that we share with you, we make sure together that your plants will thrive. From the little green friend for the window sill up to impressive solitaries – along with potting systems and potting media – we make sure to make you happy.

Green-up Solutions

No green thumb? No problem! Let us make you suggestions for the best green-up solution of your home, office or practice AND let us take care of your plants. Very important: our solutions are sustainable: your plants will be carefully chosen to love the conditions at your place. We do not send them on kamikaze – missions, only to have them wilting away and suffering in silence, as often seen in public spaces. We want your plants happy – your new green friends.

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