Dance Events

Tango is more than just a dance. Tango is a community experience, tango accompanies our lives and offers a treasure trove of new discoveries every day.
For this reason, the La Pantera dance studio regularly organises various dance events on the theme of tango: Milongas, Practicas, workshops, events and tango holidays. Be part of a larger community and experience tango in what we consider as its most beautiful and inspiring form.
Tango Zürich Milonga und Lounge La Pantera
EVERY FRIDAY, 21:30 – 01.30 hrs


Come and meet friendly people. Let’s enjoy and celebrate life by dancing into the night..
Perfectly sized dance floor framed by tables and benches guarantees for easy “cabeceo”. Traditional tango music in tandas with cortinas. Popular DJs, many from abroad, some from Zurich.

Traditional setting: there is a well-stocked bar with Argentinian wines, local Vivi Kola and Vollmond beer, fancy lemonades, signature drinks and sometimes even snacks.

Practica Tango Zürich La pantera
MONDAY – FRIDAY, 18:00 – 21:30 (THURSDAY 18:00 – 20:30)

Tango Lounge

Our carefully designed Jungle Lounge is an ongoing practica – every evening. And at the same time a place to meet friends, relax and enjoy life. .

Our Tango Lounge is the perfect place to practise tango dancing in a relaxed atmosphere, try out new steps and consolidate what you have learnt. Our tango dance instructors will be happy to answer any questions you may have and provide tips and assistance.

In our Tango Lounge you will also have time to relax and chat with friends and acquaintances, have a snack and a drink.

La Pantera: Tango tanzen in der Tangoschule Zürich, Zug und Rapperswil mit Angela Baciu und Giovanni Montana.
Regular dance events with live music, workshops or shows

Workshops & Events

Enjoy the endless possibilities that tango offers us to create unforgettable moments.
For us, tango is more than just a dance. Tango is an attitude to life, a philosophy and a special way of celebrating life in its fullness. For this reason, we regularly organise events, dance performances, tango holidays, workshops and much more so that you can experience the joie de vivre that surrounds tango.

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Special Classes

Angela Baciu und Giovanni Montana, Tango Zürich, Tango Zug und Tango Rapperswil, Tango Spezialklassen, Tango für Ältere, Tango und Parkinson, nonverbale Kommunikation


Our teachers

Angela Baciu Tango Tanzlehrerin La Pantera. Tangoschule Zürich, Zug und Rapperswil


Wedding Classes

einfacher Hochzeitstanz Tango Zürich, Zug und Rapperswil, Privatklasse