Private classes

Fast forward learning. Impress your dance partners – and yourself – with your new capacity of creating the perfect moment.

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The most efficient way of learning. You can book single classes or 10x-subscriptions.

All our teachers are able to lead AND to follow, as we believe that you can only learn a technique from someone who masters either role.

3 Reasons to take private classes

Reason 1

Improve your tango in the fastest, most efficient way, by getting instantly the idea of “how it should feel” which helps condition your muscle memory correctly from the start.

Reason 2

Work on your preferred topics and get rid of unwanted habits.

Reason 3

Leaders – have an individual structure designed and optimized for your specific strengths and needs, as we analyze your dance and set together the goals. Followers: learn powerful tools for the perfect connection – and practice them in the most comfortable setting.

Tango Analysis (for leaders)

Based on a video of 60 sec of your dancing, we will analyze your structure and make personalized suggestions on how to improve and why. More than teaching steps, we try to show your body new, comfortable pathways which should deeply enrich your dance.

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