Wedding Dance

A thrilling highlight of the perfect day: your wedding dance. The beautiful dress, perfectly styled, the most elegant suit. The intuitive, blissful flow of the steps we practiced together meticulously. Because we want you to be confident. We want you to enjoy. To be able to forget everything and let your body memory do the job. And we know how to make it happen…

We will create an impressive choreography together – no previous experience needed. We know all the professional tricks of making very simple movements look absolutely stunning.

Heavenly fluid and melodic or awe-inspiring rhythmical with lifts? Fancy and funny or simply romantic? Up to you. Please make sure you have a professional filmer/photographer on site, as the images will make you happy and proud forever.
Even so, the most fulfilling part probably will be working together to make it happen. The joy of dancing together in complete harmony is a unique sensation. A little glance into being happy ever after…

3 reasons to learn your wedding dance with us

Reason 1

surprise and enchant your guests with a passionate, elegant dance

Reason 2

enjoy an intensive preparation with your loved one and benefit from a wonderful life experience

Reason 3

Make your special day even more special

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