Our Teachers

All of our Teachers and Teachers in Training bring different backgrounds, all started with tango for different reasons but we have something in common – we all discovered the same passion of life: tango! We put special emphasis on the fact that our teachers can teach both roles and work with the same, structured and proven program, so that you can get maximum benefit during the lessons. Switching from one teacher to another is possible at any time as we diligently keep track of your progress.

Angela Baciu Tango Tanzlehrerin La Pantera. Tangoschule Zürich, Zug und Rapperswil

Angela Baciu

Private Classes

Single Class chf 180.-
10 Classes Package chf 1’650.-
while I prefer Split Abos

3 classes with me,
7 classes with a teacher
in training
chf 990.-

“The moment when the student stops, looks at you with that dazzled look and exclames: I can’t believe it is so beautiful… – that moment is addictive. That’s why I teach.”

My strength is observing and understanding your tango, thus helping you improve and enhance it instantly. You should feel a strong difference already after one class.

We build together a basic structure for your dance, this is the automatic pilot which will keep you in the ronda, while enabling you to celebrate the music, create the addictive feeling of flow with your partners and add effortlessly distinctive elements when needed.

You can film yourself and send me a 60 sec take of your dancing, I will analyze it and make suggestions how to improve and why. It is not about single steps, but rather about structural pathways which open completely new possibilities. As any architect would make first a plan of the house you are going to build, I can illustrate (dance) your dance now and the way I can imagine it later, so we discuss and adjust any details.

Here you can read more about my teaching background. Teaching over thousand private classes every year and being obsessed with the dance quality of my students, I expect my own classes to be highly cost efficient: to help you improve thoroughly in record time.


Giovanni Montana

Private Classes

Single Class chf 140.-
10 Classes Package chf 1’300.-
Split Abo chf 890.-

“Tango is a sharing of emotion that through the embrace transforms two bodies into an entity that expresses itself by floating on the waves of music.”

I felt the passion for the dance when I was 8 asking my sister to teach me Ballet and modern dance. I continued with funky, hip hop, break dance till I was 16, then I started with Ballroom for 4 years where I won several competitions and after 2 years more of Salsa and bachata and finally at 22 I met the Tango. After 1 year I entered in a Tango company with who I made some show in a theater while I was training around 30 hours a week and I started to give my first class to beginners. During the next 11 years I made several workshops and seminary with the most known Argentinian Tango teachers while I was teaching and assisting class for all levels. From 2019 I started to teach for La Pantera (formerly Cuartito Azul Tango) where thanks to the big infrastructure of the school I could improve my teaching skills not only for group classes but also for my woman’s tecnic teaching methods thanks to the thousands of private classes that I gave in those 3 years.


Milena Perraudin

Private Classes

Single Class chf 130.-
10 Classes Package chf 1’200.-
“Dance is the joy of movement and the heart of life.”

Dancing is an essential part of my life. After a few years of salsa, merengue and bachata, I found my way to the Argentine tango. From then on, there was no turning back – tango became my passion. That was more than ten years ago. Since then, several trips to Buenos Aires and many classes followed.
Today, when I dance tango, not matter if I dance the role of the leader or the role of the follower, sensitivity is most important to me. Sensitivity for the partner, sensitivity for the music, sensitivity for the surroundings as well as sensitivity for my own movements. This is also what I want to transmit as a teacher. I believe this multifaceted sensitivity is the key to a well rounded dance including a comfortable and functional embrace, which is the essence of tango and the greatest joy of this dance.
Thanks to my pedagogical education, I know exactly what quality teaching looks like and how to learn successfully. I also appreciate that one can always deepen the understanding of tango and learn new things.


Ale Lindman

Private Classes

Single Class chf 130.-
10 Classes Package chf 1’200.-

“We should consider every day lost on which we have not danced at least once.”

Friedrich Nietzsche

I started dancing tango at the age of 11 when my father, an old milonguero from Buenos Aires, brought me to the classes of the great Juan Carlos Copes. Afterwards, I did a ballet and contemporary dance education in New York and a Yoga education in Italy. Later on, I started teaching in Europe, and continued enriching my dance experience studying with various European artists, remarkably, with the Pina Bausch company. Alongside all my dance studies, I also completed a bachelor in arts philosophy at the university of Buenos Aires. Right now, I am finishing my PhD studies at Basel University on the topic of arts of movement.


Nathanael Perraudin

“There is no better addiction than tango.”

I have been passionate with tango since 2012. Since then, it is an important part of my life and I am regularly taking part in social tango events.

I love Argentine tango because it is improvised and gives to the dancers a lot of freedom to interpret the music. Therefore, when I dance tango, I feel that I can truly express myself.

For me, learning tango is learning to how to communicate without words in order to move together with the music. Learning tango is without an end, but my main goal is to be able to make any dancer happy.


Sasha Magica

“Tango happens in the stillness of the embrace when everything culminates into a pause, and the only thing that exists is this moment.”

Practically grew up dancing I hardly know any other life than dancing. With more than 30 years of experience, I can divide my dance journey into three major decades. Starting with Ballroom dancing my first decade was all about building up a strong base of dance technique and strength through competition. With a great desire to dive deeper into authenticity of movement, I spent the second decade studying flamenco escenario and building up a strong presence on stage. And then came a day I went to a milonga and I never came back. For me, tango is much more than a competition or a show, it is the community, people you meet, chat, hug and share tango with. Studying, improving our technique and maturing in understanding of tango culture is all about being better in and for the community, as well as in the embrace, creating a moment of magic with the other.


Teachers in Training

Andrea Gut

Life is encounter.”

Martin Buber

Tango has been one of my “schools of life” since I was 19. It contains everything that we need for our development and well-being. In tango, I need a good connection with myself. A certainty in myself, in how I stand and walk. Only if I am in a good connection with myself, I can also connect with my dance partner.

Tango is improvised and requires a dialogue between the leader and the follower. Both roles are active and equal. Tango is a social dance. I share the space with others and all of us together create a mood on the dance floor. This gives us the feeling of being part of a community and we strengthen our self-confidence and social relationships.

My tango activities in connection with other disciplines: Bullying interventions in primary school classes with the project: Go-TAnGO. Further education for art therapists for the reflection of their own therapeutic work (IAC Zürich), supervision and coaching.


Sybille Bless

“Dance is the hidden language of the soul”

Martha Graham

In my teenage years I fell in love with the temperament of Latin American dances and the soulful music. So I first danced salsa for years, until a tango show ignited a fire in me. After a year of tango classes, I was driven to Buenos Aires in 2014… Back in Switzerland, I missed the Latin American lifestyle. So I successfully focused on my career. I had the opportunity to travel through many latinamerican countries in that period, but that also left me no time or energy for anything else. What I was missing? This unique feeling of being able to express myself and feel free while dancing, this danced secret between a dancing couple in their connection, the embrace and energy…! It’s simply as Paulo Coelho said “When you dance you can enjoy the luxury of being you”. Now I am overjoyed to have left everything else behind me. Today I am the proud manager of La Pantera and with all my tropical heart involved – as manager, dancer and supporting teacher.

“Don’t breathe to survive; dance and feel alive!”, Shah Asad Rizvi


Mirjam Hoffmann

“de corazon a corazon”

I have always been interested in dancing and danced my way through different latin and ballroom dances. But, no dance has ever captured me like the argentinian tango when I danced my first steps in Buenos Aires in 2019. Tango is a dance that is danced from heart to heart. When I feel the music, sense the caring embrace I feel free to feel, to be. 2020 in search of a dancing school for tango that nurtures and promotes my passion, I found La Pantera (formerly Cuartito Azul Tango or CAT). I have been learning to surpass myself – and I am still doing so by every lesson I take and give.

Thank you for letting me be part of this family!


Lídia del Rio

 “In tango, as in physics, I search for truth, connection, and expression”

Hi, I’m Lídia, and in my parallel life I’m a physicist. This means two things: I use many, many metaphors when teaching, and I am obsessed with finding the deeper reasons for why and how things work, from quantum mechanics to an embrace, dance posture or sequence of steps. As a kid I lived in my books, and movement or dance didn’t come naturally to me — it is a little miracle that I am now a tango dancer. My secret was to find the very best teacher (Angela!),  and to practice regularly, always trying to understand the underlying principles behind the teachings. If I could learn, so can you!  I am here to take you by the hand and show you the beauty of tango, in theory and practice. I believe that I can teach anyone to dance, and you can try to prove me wrong! I’m particularly excited to work with fellow neurodivergent and queer students. My partner says that the most important question in tango is “whose fault was it?” With me as your teacher, we’ll make sure that it will never be yours.


Olena Voloshchuk

“It’s simple. That’s what makes the tango so great. If you make a mistake, get all tangled up, just tango on.”

Al Pacino, Scent of a Woman,1992

I discovered tango when buying a gift certificate for friends of mine at Angela’s school. This is when I decided to try dancing tango myself having a small background in classical dance. Since then tango became my passion. You never stop learning in tango. It’s like in life: you create your own dance by taking various directions, one step after the other. You keep inner balance and guidance, enjoy the harmony and get inspired by music and dance partner.


Vitaliy Vovk


Tango is a beautiful way of expression between two bodies, two souls, sharing the moment of life. But besides the philosophical side, it is just good for your physical and mental strength, intricate navigation of the couple on the dance floor challenges your brain. You are in focus, you are in the moment enjoying the beauty and passion of tango music. What can be better to release the stresses of everyday life and get a new power to stay in axis and move on?

In 2017 I danced my first steps of Tango. The tango fever has not let me go and has become a fixed part of my life…


Thilo Ladner

“What always draws me back to tango is this feeling of creating something with a partner while always being part of a larger community.”

When I was around 15 years old, I discovered the richness of Latin American folk music of the 20th century. I listened to Peruvian waltzes, Mexican mariachi and Brazilian lundu. I still remember the day when I discovered Jorge Cafrune and his interpretation of La tupungatina, which then lead me to Osvaldo Pugliese’s version. From then on, I really wanted to see how people danced to it. After having practiced on my own for quite some time, I took my first tango class and although it turned out to be a lot more difficult than alone in my own room, I discovered very soon how much I enjoyed creating something with a partner and the beauty of the various cultural influences in Argentinian tango. After having tried various schools in Zurich, I stayed at La Pantera because of its playful approach to tango.


Dina Mayer

“Enjoy showing the beauty of tango.”

I had seen several tango movies and though I never thought I would be able to move like these dancers, I got curious about tango and gave it a try. After various teachers, I arrived at La Pantera (formerly Cuartito Azul Tango). I wanted to meet new people and learn tango from a new perspective. I was “only” a follower at that time and I wanted to understand the concept behind it. Until then, although there were also beautiful moments, I felt very dependent from the leader’s qualities. If they were good, everything was fantastic, otherwise I was lost and didn’t know why. Understanding my responsibility as an independent but connected follower gave me security and I could enjoy tango with so much ease! Later I also started to lead and a new world opened up to me again. Dancing both roles I realized that they were not separated but connected by a similar attitude: lead with conviction, be courageous in your following, enjoy showing the beauty of tango, just like the dancers of the movies, who inspired me at the very beginning of my tango adventure.


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