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Leave your everyday worries behind and experience the lightness of the moment: Tango dancing feels a bit like flying with a partner.

Do you want to move more? Make new amazing friends? Develop more social security and self-confidence? La Pantera – the centrally located Tango dance school in Zurich is your retreat.

No matter where you come from: Zurich, Zug, Baar, Cham, Küssnacht, Kloten or elsewhere. Feel free to join us anytime for a free dance lesson. Get to know us and the magical world of tango without obligation. 

that’s what our enthusiastic Tango dance students from Zurich say

Tango tanzen mit Jan, um in jedem Schritt neue Empfindungen zu erschaffen. Tanzen mit der Tangoschule Zürich La Pantera. Auch in Zug und Rapperswil.


As an architect, I was looking for a hobby which would be able to calm me down after a day full of stress and responsibility and allow me to use my creativity. Dancing tango is creating new sensations in every step.
Führen und Folgen im Tango mit Milena und Nathanael. Tango tanzen in Zürich, Zug und Rapperswil mit Tanzschule La Pantera

Milena and Nathanael

Leading and following - the too completely different sides of tango. Both active, both to the same extent important, yet so complementary. And still - both of us take the full responsibility for the wellbeing of the couple. Being able to lead AND follow gives us deep insights for mindful teaching.
Ernst sieht Tango als perfektes Cardio-Training. Lerne Tango mit La Pantera Tangoschule in Zürich, Zug und Rapperswil.


I love making compliments to ladies (without ulterior motives), which they receive far too little. Furthermore Tango is my perfect cardio workout - without even realizing the effort.
Tango ist Meditation in Bewegung. Tango tanzen lernen in der Tangoschule Zürich La Pantera mit Olena


I love the harmony that arises from the ergonomic movement of the bodies in every single step. Tango is meditation in motion. It brings me into the state of flow and of enjoying the present moment. 
Tango bringt die perfekte Blance, lerne Tango in der Tangoschule Zürich La Pantera mit Vitaly


"As someone with a technical mindset, occupied the whole day with abstract concepts, I love the opportunity to express myself. Tango brings the perfect balance to a busy life."
sich gegenseitig spüren, um gut zu tanzen, Tango in Zürich mit Jan und Sonja

Jan and Sonja

In our competitive society, tango is an empathetic oasis. We need to feel each other in order to dance well. Technique is additional - body empathy is the key.
Tango Zürich, Tango tanzen mit Ernst, Sabine & Bernato in der Tangoschule Zürich La Pantera, sei Teil einer grossen Familie

Ernst, Sabina, Bernarto

Tango means belonging to a bigger family. Meeting friends and enjoying life. Making jokes, forgetting the stress of the day. And it offers a setting which allows you to dress up nicely if you wish, without feeling overdressed.
Tango mit Sonja, La Pantera Tangotanzschule Zürich, Zug und Rapperswil, Tango tanzen macht glücklich


Dancing tango makes me happy.
Tango Tanzlehrerin Mirjam Hoffmann La Pantera Tangotanzschule Zürich, Zug und Rapperswil, argentinischer Tango


I love the aspect of nonverbal communication. Every step is a journey that we are taking together. Embracing, feeling each other and being carried away by the music.


Tango Zurich

It couldn’t be simpler. Choose the tango dance course of your choice and register easily via our registration form. You are welcome to join us alone or with your partner or friends.


get your Free Trial Tango Lesson

Check the timetable and chose your free lesson in Zurich! If you are new to tango, our next basic courses start in the first week of October 2023.

Who would like to dance tango with us?

Looking for a fun and engaging way to exercise while also improving your body awareness and social skills? Look no further than our tango school! Our classes are designed to not only teach you the fundamentals of tango, but also provide you with a range of benefits that go far beyond just dancing.

One of the key benefits of tango is the exercise it provides. Tango is a great way to get your heart rate up while also working your muscles and improving your flexibility. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced dancer, our classes are tailored to provide you with a challenging and rewarding workout.

In addition to the physical benefits, tango can also help you improve your body awareness and empathy. By learning to move in sync with your partner, you’ll develop a deeper understanding of your own body and how it interacts with others. This can translate into improved social skills and a better ability to communicate nonverbally with others.

So whether you’re looking to get in shape, meet new people, or just have fun, our tango school has something for everyone. We offer classes for all skill levels, so whether you’re a beginner or an experienced dancer, we have the perfect class for you. Come see what tango can do for you!

Our dance students come from the greater Zurich area and like to travel from Binz, Männedorf, Oberwil, Schlieren, Meilen, Wädenswil or Thalwil to our tango jungle with its unmistakable flair.

La Pantera: Tango tanzen in der Tangoschule Zürich, Zug und Rapperswil mit Angela Baciu und Giovanni Montana.

Feel at home with us! What you can expect from our free tango dance course in Zürich.

Leave your everyday life behind and live in the moment: Tango dancing feels a bit like flying with a partner.

La Pantera – the Tango school in the heart of Zurich – is your retreat from everyday life: a green indoor garden where you instantly feel at ease.

You don’t need a partner for the classes, just come as you are! Wear comfortable clothes and (for starters) lightweight sneakers: what’s important is that you feel comfortable.

You find us at the ground floor, right on the left after you pass through the main entrance of Räffelstrasse 11


Get into your most comfortable clothes, grab a prosecco or any other drink (on us) and let us show you our lush indoor garden. If you already know how to dance, you can do some steps to warm up in the tango lounge.


The 60 minutes class is focused on building up your tango structures. For followers: we give you insights to understand the most comfortable ways to aligne your body and tools to develop body memory. We always rotate partners – so feel free to come alone.


After the class, take some extra time to practice in the lounge and enjoy free snacks.

Warm Goodbye

We hope to see you soon again. Many of our students are coming every day and have found a home away from home at La Pantera

Frequently asked questions about our free tango lessons

Can I come to the tango trial lesson alone?

Yes, for sure. You don’t need a partner for the classes, just come as you are! We always rotate partners – so feel free to come alone.

What should I wear for the tango trial lesson?

Wear comfortable clothes and (for starters) lightweight sneakers: what’s important is that you feel comfortable.

Where does the free tango dance lesson take place?

How long is the free tango dance lesson?

The dance lesson lasts 1 h. Afterwards you are welcome to continue practicing and/or enjoy fine free snacks in our lounge. If you already know how to dance, you can also do a few steps in the Tango Lounge to warm up before the dance lesson.

Do I have to sign up for a dance subscription or something similar after the free tango lesson?

No, absolutely not. It is important to us that you experience a magical tango evening with us, that you enjoy the time and feel the fascination of tango up close – whether in Zurich, Rapperswil or Zug. If you like it, you are of course welcome to come back.

Address Tango Dance School Zurich

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044 797 50 24

La Pantera GmbH
Räffelstrasse 11
8045 Zürich

Just walk up the stairs to the main entrance and there we are at your left. 

Arrival Zurich

Public transport

You get to La Pantera Tango Dance School by public transport as follows:

  • from the train station Binz (S10) in about 3 minutes on foot
  • from the train station Giesshübel (S4) in about 9 minutes on foot
  • from the tram stop Laubegg (tram 13 or 5) in about 12 minutes on foot
  • from the bus stop Manesseplatz (bus 33) in about 9 minutes on foot
  • from the bus stop Räffelstrasse (bus 76), which is just across the entrance

By car

The Binz neighbourhood is located between Sihlcity, Manesseplatz and Strassenverkehrsamt. The Räffelstrasse is most easily reached from the Üetlibergstrasse via Binzstrasse or Grubenstrasse.

Parking space

There is parking space (blue and white) along the Räffelstrasse, Binzstrasse and Grubenstrasse.

Zürich Tango free trial class kostenlose Tango Probelektion