Tango Argentino in einem tropischen Indoor-Dschungel

Dancing Tango is telling a story in the most beautiful language, the language of human connection, musical inspiration and physical bliss. You bring your story, we teach you the language.

~ Tango Classes in Zürich, Zug and Rapperswil. ~

We consider ourselves to be Tango linguists: observing and understanding the structure of successful dancers worldwide, we give you the tools to create your own tango story - instead of filling classes with random step combinations.

Due to thorough research, we understand precisely what it is about certain dancers that others simply love dancing with them.
In the case of leaders, this can happen with a minimal (but functional) structure just as well as it can happen with the immense repertoire of a professional dancer. Yet, neither repertoire nor professionality are a guarantee for success. (Some professional leaders have a hard time finding partners and they wonder why…). We will teach you exactly what you need to create a beautiful dance, while you will develop and sharpen your body empathy and musicality. Like this, you will make your partners happy, while moving around the dancefloor in an effortless and graceful way.
For the followers, the key is understanding how to perfectly arrange your body in the limited space of the embrace. By doing so, you are always connected to the floor, and hence in full possession of your corporal capacities. This enables you to accompany your partner gracefully thereby enjoying every step. Many teachers will tell women to „stop thinking“. We want you to think, we simple want to take you away from the future (you never know what the next step will be) and bring you in the perfect bliss of the present moment. Do not think where you go, but rather from where you do it.

Originally, our school was created in 2009 as CAT – Cuartito Azul Tango – in a blue (azul) painted self storage hall. By 2012, we had become the official branch of Carlitos and Rosa Perez from Buenos Aires. This is the couple of Epoca de Oro who significantly shaped the style and appearance of tango nowadays, by training innumerable professional couples and world champions.
In october 2019, we moved into our new home; a magnificent space conceived as a lush indoor jungle. In September 2022, we renamed our school La Pantera, in keeping with the tropical setting and our traditional symbol – the black cat. 

The lush setting - hundreds of tropical plants including bananas and fiddle leaf fig trees - create an instant feeling of wellbeing. We also sell plants and offer classes on indoor gardening - so you can recreate your own jungle at home. No green thumb? No problem: we can turn your office or living space into a green oasis, including maintenance. Enjoy life - it’s all about here and now.

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As successful dancers, we understand people who dance in such a way that others simply  love dancing with them.

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Swica pays for your dance lessons

La Pantera is a member of the Swiss Dance Association (TVS) and thus on the list of recognized dance schools of the health insurance SWICA.

With additional insurance, SWICA pays generous annual contributions to dance courses and private lessons.

Maybe a change could even be worthwhile? If you are interested, we would be happy to put you in touch with our contact person at Swica, who will be happy to advise you in detail and without obligation.

Other health insurances also pay contributions to dance courses, please ask your insurer directly.

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